Past Exhibitions
Click here to view the exhibition   THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE- ORIGINALS
Sadly, Tim Marwood died in April 2008. Behind all those familiar images was a kindly, modest, warm character whom we were glad to know. We are proud to have been able to show Tim Marwood's work at the Lander Gallery.

Tim Marwood's joyously innocent pictures were created for publication in Marvel Comics THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE AND FRIENDS. Beautifully painted in fine detail, they capture a surprising number of childhood memories .
The Lander Gallery is delighted to show a heart warming selection of magazine cover designs which will evoke that happy branch line where Thomas, Annie, Claribel and all their friends enjoy every day to the full.For more images, please contact the Lander Gallery
The art work is done in inks. Each piece was originally created for publication.

Click here to view the exhibition   CHRIS TATE'S VENICE
Chris Tate's wonderful perceptions of Venice raise the spirits as does a visit to the city itself.
Tate discovered Venice in May 2006, on a visit that had him sketching at every possible moment. The resulting pictures are characteristic of the artist in their quirky perspectives and fabulous architectural detail.
The pictures in the Lander Gallery Christmas Exhibition capture the rich, distinctive colours, the exuberant architecture, the spirit of the place itself and, what is more, the almost tangible joie de vivre which pervades so much of Chris Tate's glorious work.
Here is yet more proof of the extraordinary talent of this remarkably promising young man.

Click here to view the exhibition   NATURE WATCH
19th January- 14th February

NATURE WATCH is the title of the first Lander Gallery show for 2007. It is that time of the year when we look out for wildlife and try to help birds and small creatures through the winter months. It may be rather wintry outside, but the walls of the gallery are bright with the colours of birds, animals, fish and flowers.
The exhibition includes prestigious botanical painters Honor Budden, Mally Francis and Susan Hillier.
Honor Budden has won a Royal Horticultural Society medal and her fine studies appear in print, notably on the book jacket of DEVON GARDEN PLANTS. Her Fuchsias and Darwin Tulips are finely handled.
Susan Hillyer , another Royal Horticultural Society artist, has many published botanical pictures and here she shows meticulous work including camellias, and even slugs and pests!
Mally Francis is well known for her subtle watercolours of flowers at Heligan and the Eden Project. She shows a lovely selection of specimens in watercolours and also prints.
Barbara McMillan’s large, brilliantly coloured canvases take us from her garden in Cornwall to the orchid gardens of Singapore.
Hares are always popular and there are several on show in this exhibition. Heather Howe shows some heart-warming canvases of these lively and intelligent creatures, where the moon is not far away.
Lyn Davey provides stoneware sculptures of a delightful range of creatures, including otter, badger and puffin as well as a pair of hares.
Well established professional artist Mike Atkinson show superb observation and detail, with owls, magpies, choughs and fish depicted with warmth and even affection.
Dick Twinney is very well known for his prints and pictures which are a popular feature of many publications. A chance to appreciate the originals is most welcome- here two splendid falcons dominate a display of dazzling technical skill and considerable vitality.
A stroll through the gallery reveals a variety of delightful pieces, such as the charming flower paintings of Karen Smith, busy jungle spiders of Yvonne Carter, a pheasant from Sutart James and the witty bird woodcuts of Tim Wayne.
NATURE WATCH, with about a hundred pieces, is at the Lander Gallery, Truro until February 14th.

Click here to view the exhibition   FROM LIFE : March 2nd 2007 - March 24th 2007
The human figure is one of the greatest challenges for any artist to capture and this exhibition brings together a wide range of Cornish artist's interpretations of the human form.

Painters include Ken Symonds who has been living and working in Cornwall for over 30 years, and recently celebrated his 80th birthday. His powers of observation are still as strong as ever and this is shown in his masterful pastels and watercolours of the life model. He is also including in the show some fun drawings of Sumo wrestlers.
Another artists showing for the first time at Lander Gallery is North Cornwall based painter, Nicholas St. John Rosse who has a selection of his life model and clothed figure paintings on show. Martin Grimshaw’s visually expressive paintings of both the clothed and nude figure are full of colour and energetic mark making and are also included in the exhibition. In complete contrast, Mary Waistie is showing her soft, gentle pictures of female nudes along with Mary Mathews’ watercolours.
Figures in movement especially dancers are another theme for this exhibition. Regular exhibitor, David Gray who is best known for his boat pictures, applies his palette knife technique to the subject of tango dancers for this particular show. While, Peter Leighton captures the movement and grace of the life figure in his fast pen and ink line drawings.
Some artists use their friends as the model and Sue Haseman, with her precise watercolour technique, captures the likeness of her sitters from different angles in cozy interior settings. Regular Lander Gallery exhibitors also include, Paul Nichols, who has produced some special paintings of people sitting on a harbour wall along with Michael Sanders who is showing his mixed media paintings of figures in the Cornish landscape, whether it is people on a beach or walking the coastal path.
Three dimensional figures also feature in the show with the woodcarvings of James Barton, bronzes by William Cramer and Peter Walker. Falmouth based ceramicist Shelagh Spear is also showing her magical glazed imaginative figures.

Historically, artist Ralph Todd (1856-1932) who was a great friend of the Newlyn painter Stanhope Forbes, made the figure his specialty, whether it was an old fishermen mending his nets, or more often than not a young girl set either in an interior or with the backdrop of the fishing village behind her. The Lander Classics side of the gallery is showing a fine selection of Ralph Todd’s figure work to coincide with the From Life figure show of Contemporary Cornish Art.

Once again the Lander Gallery plays host to all the senior schools of Truro and the Roseland. Year 8 and year 9 pupils have worked in co- operation on the theme of Cornwall's industrial heritage.
The resulting show is an inspiration. The large numbers of visitors to the show have been united in their praise for the remarkbaly high standard of work the students of Truro are presenting here.
The show runs through the Cornish Schools half Term.

Click here to view the exhibition   PENWITH PRINTMAKERS
23rd June - 16th July

Penwith Printmakers make a welcome return to the Lander Gallery once again. Their show of the best in hand made prints is always a high standard and showcases a variety of printmaking techniques, including monoprints, etching, screen-printing, collotypes and lino-cuts.

Artists showing include Adrienne Peverall, who this year is showing some exciting and very colourful monoprints of wildlife. ‘ Not many people understand what a mono print is’ says Adrienne. She goes on to explain,’ A monoprint is a one-off impression made by applying ink or paint to a flat surface like glass or metal and then transferring the image to another surface, usually a piece of printing paper. The marks and textures obtained are different from those drawn or painted directly on to paper or canvas’. In that sense a mono print is different from other forms of printmaking as it tends to be a ‘one –off’ never to be repeated image.

Liz Luckwell, is also showing a series of semi abstract monoprints.

Janet Lyle’s colourful etchings are heavily influenced by an intimate relationship with the land on which she lives, or visits. She has to appreciate the essence of it - the rock beneath - which determines the surface landscape and the local distinctiveness.

Gabrielle Hawke's dynamic screen prints are quite diverse in subject matter but are predominantly semi-abstract landscapes and seascapes.
She explores both what she sees around her and her own world of imagination and personal symbolism, but it is this initial response to the landscape and its elemental energies that inspires all of it.
Carol Lander specializes in lino-cuts. This is quite a straightforward method of printing until more than two colours are used and Carol’s prints can have up to 5 colours in them.
Lee Stevenson specializes in coloured etching, and has perfected the art, creating complex but harmonious images of nature and the Penwith landscape.
Denny Long combines several printing techniques including etching, aquatint and chine collee to make her abstract images which refer to Buddhist symbols. The newest member to the group is Falmouth based printmaker John Howard whose dry points and etchings of the sea and coast of Cornwall make powerful images. Lyn Winters has a ‘pattern book’ approach to her work which was influenced by the printed textiles of Cresède, the Newlyn based firm who had their hay-day in the 1920’s and 30’s. She combines linocuts, collographs and monoprints to produce prints with a rich tactile surface.

June Hicks includes her coloured etchings of the gentle rolling hills and leafy lanes around her base in Sennen.

Jesse Leroy Smith translates his sensitive observational drawings of people and pets into the medium of etching. There are touching images of his family here.

John Howard’s etchings astonish with their minute detail and sharp observations of the landscape. There is a hint of the Piranesi in his work.

All in all, this is a super show, deservedly popular.

Click here to view the exhibition   ISLANDS IN THE SUN- to SEPTEMBER 10th
Whether it is the sun soaked, white sandy beaches of the Isles of Scilly, or the tropical mountains of Tobago, the theme of this summer’s show curated by Cath Wallace at the Lander gallery is about the idyll of an island. Most of the paintings in this show convey that relaxed feeling we all get when on holiday, or, if we are lucky enough to live on, a small paradise island.
The islands that are so close in appearance to those in the Caribbean but not nearly as far away to get to, are of course the Isles of Scilly, off the coast of Cornwall. Artists come from all over the country to depict their beauty and their feeling of space and tranquillity. Martin Collins, who is based in North Wales, makes regular pilgrimages to Tresco and St. Martins, as does Nicola Hancox from Cambridgeshire. Both artists have a completely differing approach to the subject with Martin’s rapid bold brushwork capturing the brightness of the sky and sea on a blustery day contrasting with Nicola’s calm peaceful watercolours of the white soft sandy beaches. A name that is synonymous with the Isles of Scilly, is Sue Lewington who shows new work completed since leaving the islands for the main land, after living there for many years. David Rust, also captures the shifting light and windy weather that seems to prevail on the islands in his carefully crafted watercolours.
Joanne Short has recently made, one of Cornwall’s smaller off islands’ her place to paint, St. Michael’s Mount. Using her brightly coloured oil technique the gardens on the island seem to come alive in her paintings.
Carole Page Davies, can probably see the Islands from her house at Chygnhal on a clear day, but has made many visits there over the years and will be including her dramatic oils of both them and Greek islands in the show.
James Foot, lives partly in Greece and partly in London, but he grew up in Cornwall and studied art at Falmouth. He has since made an international name for himself as a watercolour artist. It is therefore a rare opportunity to get to see his stunning work in this year’s show where he has not just images of Greece but also Venice, the most seductive island of them all.
The Greek islands are also a regular haunt for Wadebridge based artist, Stewart Lowdon, and his beautiful watercolours of Crete and Lindos on Rhodes, seem to give out the heat of the Mediterranean sun. Ken Symonds is also showing work from the Greek islands, Venice and a little known island off the coast of Thailand he visited recently.
For others, the island of Tobago is the ultimate in tropical paradise, and several artists including Peter Wright and Martin Grimshaw have been there to paint and have in their work captured the drama of this volcanic island.
Carole O’Toole has travelled far and wide and her energetic drawings and paintings include images of South Island, New Zealand, Tahiti, Venice and a recent trip to the Dakhleh Oasis, an island of green in the Egyptian desert. There will also a be a new display of jewellery by New Zealand based artist Sarah Lyons, whose paua shell jewellery has become very popular and ceramics by Sarah Perry.
Jenny Butt is included in the show with her rather mystical paintings that could be any island whether it’s real or in the viewer’s imagination, which is probably everyone’s ideal island in the sun. So if it is sun, sand and surf you want, come to the Lander Gallery this summer.
Gallery open: Monday to Saturday 9 - 5.30pm Closed Bank Holiday Mondays

Click here to view the exhibition   LAMORNA THEN AND NOW

Click here to view the exhibition   CHRISTOPHER TATE and MIGUEL RUIZ
CHRISTOPHER TATE is a remarkable artist whose unique perspectives of familiar buildings have become much anticipated features of every Christmas at the Lander Gallery.
This year, Chris has been to London, where classic scenes like Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square are joined by a stunning view of Battersea Power Station.
Paris proved a revelation for the artist- his love of the city radiates from each of these wonderful scenes. Each visitor to the gallery has a favourite: perhaps the classic METRO entrance, or the magically dreamy series of Bridges over the Seine. All done with inks, they have the distinctive quality which ensures that Christopher Tate will become ever more highly regarded.

MIGUEL RUIZ came to the Lander Gallery because he arrived to live in Cornwall form his native Peru. His astonishing trompe l'oeuil paintings have gathered a following of people fascinated by the visual illusions which subtly pervade his work. Technical perfection is Miguel's aim and these paintings are evidence of his triumphant success. There is wit and imagination underlying every composition- look for example at the two "Playing Card" paintings. Amazing!

Click here to view the exhibition   START A COLLECTION
To start 2008, the Lander Gallery offers a choice of paintings and ceramics all priced at £300 or less. Favourite Lander artists have combined to present a very attractive show of highly affordable pieces.
Artists include:Sophi Beharrel, Sue Haseman, Doug Hinge, Tom Holland, Moira Hooper, Julia Kerr, Ann Long, Paul Nicholls, Lamorna Penrose, David Rylance, Rosie Scot and Pat Wheeldon.

Click here to view the exhibition   CORNISH MINING HERITAGE
THE Lander Gallery in Truro celebrates Cornwall’s Mining Heritage with a remarkable selection of pictures.
ROY BILLINGHAM has been painting the modern Cornish mining industry over a period of years, observing its decline and closures. With a keen eye for detail and a powerful sense of colour he presents a series of stunning images which surge with emotional power. Wheal Jane, South Crofty and the rest look both magnificent and poignant in these memorable pictures- and Billingham ensures that they become symbols of something deeper even than the mines themselves. Derelict buildings rich with rust decay gently while crows circle in the clear blue skies above. Piles of old pipes and unwanted machinery acquire a strange beauty of their own, whether in a finely painted still life or heaped up in mud, ready for scrap. With such titles as “WHEAL MAID: THE MAJESTY OF THE MORNING BRINGS WITH IT NEW HOPE” and “SOUTH CROFTY, THE EPITAPH”, the theme is clear. Billingham's varied work can startle, challenge and impress. In everything there is a calm beauty which makes his work both satisfying and profoundly moving.

KEN SYMONDS shows evocative landscapes featuring the mining relics of a previous age. Ken has been well established in Cornwall for many years and these subtle pastels offer a splendid opportunity to see why. Ruined engine houses and chimneys dominate the rocky coastline at Botallack and Rinsey; the occasional figure sits to gaze or wanders among the old stones.
DOUGLAS HILL’s gentle oils focus on the clay pits around St. Austell.
ROY STEADMAN has lived in the Charlestown area for thirty years and has recorded the changing landscape of the china clay pits. His small “on the spot” paintings capture the mood, atmosphere and scenery on clearly specified dates and provide a warmly familiar almanac.
CHRIS TATE is best known for his large urban scenes so this is the first time he has ever shown smaller pieces. Here the engine houses and workings are observed with his trademark details, in pictures which do not need large walls.
PAUL NICHOLLS has some vividly contemporary scenes in strong bold colours which contrast with the monochrome etchings of LYNN PASCOE.
TOM HASKETT is a young illustrator who started drawing old mine buildings in Cornwall as a reportage project. Painting on the spot, he uses watercolour wash with pen and ink applied on top. Concentrating on the Carnkie area, his highly detailed drawings show the individual stonework and amazing craftsmanship of these buildings.
RICHARD HALL’S gently impressionistic nocturnes bring a romantic conclusion to this powerful show.

Click here to view the exhibition   SAILING ALONG

SAILING ALONG is the theme at the Lander Gallery and once again the River Fal provides the background for a very desirable series of distinctively Cornish pictures.
Richard Lannowe Hall knows all about sailing, spending a deal of time on the water himself. His seas are dark and rich; great waves and bursts of spray emphasise the vulnerability of man along with the extraordinary rainbow resilience of the vessels.
Tom Haskett’s finely observed hulks will not float far, but they are redolent of the era when boats were an essential feature of the ordinary working life.
Tom Holland presents several new pieces in his unmistakeable style. Boats, hills and familiar buildings are simplified down into primary shapes and colours with warmth and fondness.
Peter Huggins is familiar with the sea, as his colourful paintings show. Little boats sail along past Mylor while huge tankers dock at Falmouth. Big Cornish skies preside over keen racers as well as quiet oystermen.
Jamie Medlin’s paintings deceive the eye with their photographic detail. He has allowed the Lander Gallery to exhibit a number of prints after these originals. Incredulous visitors find themselves unable to accept that these lovely pictures are from paintings rather than photographs.
Lamorna Penrose returns with a selection of new works of varying sizes, all depicting the blue water and clean white boats which are so characteristic of her SITTING PRETTY series. Here she looks at the landscape along the riverbanks as fishing villages and sunlit fields lie beyond the sailing boats.
Copper weathervanes by Mark Penrose are on display. Shimmering metal will mellow into rich green after these delightful working boats have done their duty in the fresh air for a while. They come complete with outdoor fixings.
Gordon Robertson approaches sailing boats from a very different perspective, creating his images with collages of various papers and card. Light and colourful, they convey his love of sailing.
Sans Robinson’s enchanting three dimensional mollages have captured the imagination of our visitors. This time we have the doorway for the office of the CORNISH BELLE boat company. Witty, ingenious and flawless, Robinson’s work has an intriguing magic.
David Stansfield’s fishing boats are delightful pastiches painted on driftwood with the imaginative details that have led to some of his work appearing on greetings cards printed by Hallmark cards.
Roy Steadman shows three finely observed studies of old sailing ships moored up at Charlestown. These eye-catching oils are evocative of the tall ships that have almost vanished.


Click here to view the exhibition   COAST TO COAST OF CORNWALL
The Coastline of Cornwall is celebrated in the summer exhinbtion at the Lander Gallery, Truro.. Using a variety of techniques and media, the works range from Crackington to Cadgwith, Mevagissey to Merther, surfing to surrealism.

Sophi Beharrell, always a gallery favourite, returns to her beloved north cliffs for breathtaking panoramas rich in her characterstic wild flowers and sunshine.
Paul J. Williams, shows meticulously observed coastal scenes where sunlight relishes every detail of the rocks and surging sea.
Douglas Hill’s tranquil paintings of Megvagissey lift the spirits with brightly coloured boats on warm, peaceful waters.
David Rylance is back with a beautiful selection of oils to sum up the romance of Cornwall, especially the Roseland.
Ricahrd Lannowe Hall has surfers walking across hazy beaches where the currents create subtle and complex patterns in shallow water.
Newcomer to the gallery this summer is Caroline Atkinson who is showing paintings of the white sandy beaches of the Isles of Scilly which shine with peace and freedom.
Derek Barrett’s impressionistic picture capture varying moods of Goose Rock. There are Roy Steadman’s plein air studies and some superb colourful pastels by Celia Jayne and Janet Smith. Chris Hollowya’s almost abstract colours sing of sunshine while watercolour is handled variously by Tony Bisley, Peter Huggins and Christina Rayson.
Jenny Butt’s finely painted, strabgely surreal beaches serve as a reminder that summer days on the coast are partly for dreams
Swan ceramics by Michelle Cowmeadow, copper weathervanes by Mark Penrose and enamel coat brooches by Madeleine Allison continue the coastal theme in other media.
Some of the pieces in the COAST TO COAST exhibition are shown on the website, but visitors to the gallery in Truro will find even more to appeal.

Click here to view the exhibition   BIDDY PICARD AND PETER PERRY
18th October- 15th November

The Lander Gallery is proud to present the work of Biddy Picard, famed as one of Cornwall’s most established artists.
Biddy has been working in the County for 60 years and this exhibition shows a wide range of her work from her early 1960s modernist abstract mono-prints through the 1970s- when rocks pools, the sea and cliffs of the Cornish coast were the inspiration for her semi- abstract paintings - to her most recent figurative drawings which are poetic in their use of line.
Biddy’s artistic output in many ways defies precise definitions. She has always created work which is her own response to the world around her rather than following any particular fashion or style. From abstract to figurative, using different techniques including printmaking, painting and drawing, all her work shows a confidence and surety which comes with maturity and experience.
It was an hnour and a delight to have Biddy here with us for the Private View.

The Lander Gallery is also delighted to present a selection of recent work by Biddy’s son, Peter Perry. Peter was brought up in Cornwall and his childhood spent beside the sea with his family had a lasting influence on him. Having a highly successful academic career in earth sciences, Peter has also kept up his painting and drawing over the years and has exhibited widely, both in Britain and France. He has shown at the Royal Academy.
A great deal of Peter’s life has been spent working outdoors and because of this the natural environment provides much of his inspiration.
Peter’s paints gentle soft focused landscapes and seascapes inspired not just by Cornwall but also by France and Wales. His paintings are very atmospheric and often capture the changing light at the beginning or the end of the day. Peter also loves to paint and draw birds especially when they are on the water. This exhibition features Peter’s small pastel drawings as well as larger oils and he demonstrates great subtlety in both mediums.
This is a rare opportunity to see and purchase the work of two members of a celebrated artistic family.

Click here to view the exhibition   SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL
17 January – 23 February 2009

In the current economic climate buying original works of art is actually a great way to invest your hard earned cash, and the Lander Gallery has brought together a new selection of small works by both its regular exhibitors and new artists for those who want to start an art collection.
With all works no bigger than A3 size and the price being £300 or less, this exhibition offers a wide range of works of a myriad of subjects and medium which are both affordable and accessible.
A stepping stone to collecting original paintings is to start with a limited edition print. The Lander gallery offers several formats of print including giclée prints of original paintings by artists such as Chris Tate, Sue Haseman and Heather Howe, to hand made etchings by David Morris. Local artist Louise Johns produces a charming range of tiny lino cuts of Cornish scenes including engine houses, boats and fishing scenes which are available in this show. Tom Boulton lived in Coverack and he produces very delicate drawings of local scenes in black and white done in the unusual medium of scraperboard.
For original paintings of Cornish landscapes and seascapes, Falmouth based artist Sophie Beharrell produces stunning little sea views of the North coast, whilst Celia Jayne makes sunsets on the beach near Padstow her signature subject in pastel which at £160 - £190 are highly collectable.
New to the gallery are paintings by Pamela Slater. Using oils, Pamela has produced a series of still lifes which beautifully harmonise colours and forms of flowers in vases.
One of Cornwall’s best known watercolour artists Stewart Lowdon is also making a couple of his smaller works available for this show as is regular gallery exhibitor Paul Nicholls.
Some of Lander’s artists are masters of the miniature including Sans Robinson, vignette maker and painter. His tiny models of artist’s studios or car workshops are less than 20cm high and yet capture perfectly to scale the sense of place. His mollages of barn doors are also no bigger than A4 but involve the accurate recreation of every knothole, rust patch or piece of peeling paint on the door’s surface. All of these amazing works are available for under £300.

Click here to view the exhibition   TATE'S CORNWALL
Christopher Tate has established an impressive reputation as a Cornish artist with a distinctive and original vision. Through his sharply perceptive eyes we see how buildings can glow with an aura of history. Square blocks seem to surge forward and strain with all the richness that lies within them. Colour runs riot across buildings that would seem dull grey to any other observer. Meticulous brickwork and fine decoration shimmer with exuberant joy above the heads of those who wander unaware. There is a sense of wonder, delight and pure joy in this world which, once seen through Chris Tate’s eyes, will never seem the same again.
After education in his native Truro, Chris studied Illustration at Falmouth College of Art. He was still a student there when he brought his portfolio into the Lander Gallery. Reluctant to let him go, the Lander immediately booked him for an exhibition. That was in 2003. Since then, the Chris Tate Christmas Exhibition has become an anticipated annual event and the number of collectors of Chris Tate’s work never ceases to grow.
Chris finds abundant inspiration at every corner - maybe in Paris, Venice, Florence or London and unceasingly in Cornwall where he feels very much at home.
The 2009 prints of Cornwall focus on landmarks of our heritage, many open to the public with the National Trust. Intense experience is captured and bursts out with freshness and a profound sense of appreciation. From ruins to castles CHRIS TATE’S CORNWALL abounds with life enhancing spirit.

There are over 13 images to choose from including Cothele, Lanhydrock, Trerice, Trelissick, Antony House, the Egyptian House, Penzance and Glendurgan gardens.

Produced as a limited edition of 101, signed by Christopher Tate and numbered the prints are available unframed, in two different sizes. Framing can be arranged by the gallery for you. These richly atmospheric pictures will be on display in the gallery where they can be bought directly or they can be ordered by post. A fully illustrated catalogue is available.

Call the gallery now on 01872 275 578 to purchase the prints in this special limited edition collection.

Click here to view the exhibition   SAFE HARBOUR - until June 4th
It is that time of year for getting the boat out into the water after being laid up over winter. This exhibition celebrates life on the water. Whether moored in the harbour or in the safety of a shallow creek up the River Fal or Helford, it features various views of boats either sailing towards home or at anchor in and around the harbours of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

To coincide with the River Fal Festival, the Lander Gallery has brought together a high quality collection of original paintings, sculptures and prints by a mix of regular gallery artists and new comers. Painters include Richard Lannowe Hall whose soft atmospheric views of safe anchorage in and around the Isles of Scilly, evoke the peace and tranquillity of these remote havens. Douglas Hill has made the colourful fishing boats in Mevagissey harbour the focus for his collection of work. The bright acrylic paintings of Lamorna Penrose feature boats in Falmouth harbour at Regatta time, whilst Tom Holland’s paints Truro from the river and Doug Hinge creates more animated humorous views of what goes on in and around harbours. New to the Lander gallery for this show is the unusual work of Alan Arthurs. Alan uses enamel paint on acrylic which is notoriously difficult to use as it takes a long time to dry. His paintings of boats moored in Charlestown harbour, capture the nostalgia for the past.
Also new to the gallery is St. Ives artist John Berryman who is showing a variety of views of the harbour and the pier in his home town, both at night as well as in the day.
Regular exhibitors Paul Nicholls and Roger Porter Butler are included in this show. For more unusual media, the visitor can see a selection of David Stansfield’s unique paintings of boats on large blocks of driftwood and no show at the Lander is complete without the exceptional miniatures and mollages of boats and boatyards by Sans Robinson. As well as etchings by David Morris, there are ceramic sculptures of fishing boats by Sue Wallis and fishing boats made from copper and turned in to weather vanes by Mark Penrose. This is a show that should rock your boat, for the wide variety of media and different approaches by artists to capture all things maritime.

Click here to view the exhibition   INSIGHT - Until June 12th
Truro College HND PHOTOGRAPHY AND DIGITAL IMAGING COURSE students present their graduating exhibition.

This graduation Show has become a popular annual event whose standards never fail to impress.

Here are photographic pieces of very high quality, presented by students who have finished their HND and are in many cases going on to pursue careers in professional photography.

This is not a selling exhibition but it does give an oppportunity to see the very high standards achieved by Truro College.
The Lander Gallery is delighted to host what has now become an annual event.

Click here to view the exhibition   NEWLYN AND ST IVES: THEN AND NOW
In the latest exhibition, artists synonymous with Newlyn and St Ives are featured including the pioneer of Newlyn painting Walter Langley, the figure and landscape watercolours of Thomas Cooper Gotch, the maritime paintings of Henry Scott Tuke and from the St. Ives School, paintings by George Fagin Bradshaw , Edmund Fuller and Moffat Lindner . Alongside these artists are views of the town by artists such as Eustace Nash. The St. Ives Modernists are also represented here with work by Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Peter Ward and Rose Hilton.

To bring things up to date, this exhibition at the Truro based gallery, features alongside the collection of Cornish Classics, a selection of Contemporary artists who are either members of the St. Ives and Newlyn Societies of Artists or whose work is strongly associated with these two unique places in Cornwall’s art history.

From Newlyn, the tradition of Stanhope Forbes’ realism is continued in the work of artists such as Bernard Evans with his stunning views in oils of the harbour and village. Audrey Evans also contributes to the show with her gouaches and pastels. Anne Wallace who is a member of the Newlyn Society has a potent expressive style which when applied to various subjects from flowers to the sea makes for powerful painting. Brian Mitchell who is a member of the St. Ives Society has focused on the wonderful details of paint and rust on the Newlyn fishing fleet in a series of watercolours for this show.
Ray Denton uses the medium of pastel to capture life by the sea in St. Ives whilst regular Lander artist Pamela Slater paints the harbour in twilight. Another Lander exhibitor Richard Lannowe Hall captures the sweep of St. Ives Bay with his aerial perspectives of sea and sky.
Using the abstract language of modern art, St. Ives Society member Stuart Thorn creates the atmosphere of Cornish fishing village in his highly textured paintings of harbours and views across the bay. The pure shapes, colours and surface of Lar Cann’s work refers to the industrial markings on the hinter-land of Cornwall around Bodmin created as a by product of mineral-ore mining and hard-rock quarrying. Whilst Brian Busselle who has been a member of St. Ives Society since 2005 uses oils to create landscapes and abstract paintings which are full of vitality.

The show also includes ceramics by the current residents of the Leach Pottery in St. Ives, Jacob Bodilly and Michel Francois. Wendy Barker will also be showing her panels of fused glass using old photos, maps and drawings of St. Ives and Newlyn. A real mixture of old and new.

The Lander Gallery celebrates its seventh birthday with more wonderful pictures from Christopher Tate. This year he has been to Rome , where warm sunshine on mellow old buildings has provided inspiration for seven stunning images. As so often with Tate, the views are from unpredicted vantage points. For example, who but he would go to the Trevi Fountain and concentrate on the palazzo behind it? He shows St Peters of course, along with some classic Roman vistas, all in the quirky style and palette that make his work so distinctive... and collected.
Miguel Ruiz, another who has been showing with the Lander since the early days, has provided some characteristic trompe l’oeuil paintings of high quality. Particularly intriguing are two bananas which appear to dance away from the canvases.
Tom Holland’s large picture of Truro shows his unique style at its best, with clean simple lines evoking a detailed vision.
Jeanne Emery’s still lifes are bright and cheerfully colourful.
Anne Beeching was in the gallery’s opening show; this time she follows country paths towards the sunshine.
There is more sunshine from Liz Cleves; in this case the landscapes evoke the exotic land of Muscat. David Axtell’s paintings show the coast back home in Cornwall.
Carline Atkinson has more beach scenes, while the enamel paints of Alan Arthurs imbue the landscape with almost surreal atmosphere.
Roger Porter-Butler’s watercolours shimmer with light and vitality- the richly painted TREBAH is subtly embellished with gold leaf.
Pam Slater’s landscapes have the moody light of afternoon.
There is one of the EVENSONG series from Lamorna Penrose- here the moored boats have the fields of the Roseland beyond.
Richard Lannowe Hall is another artist who is never far from the sea; once again his atmospheric paintings show his love for the unpredictable waves.

Ceramics are well represented, with Michele Cowmeadow, Victoria Heard, Sarah Perry, Shelagh Spear, Hugh West, Kate Winfrey. Sue Wallis has some of those jolly little boats.

Reece Ingram returns with large sculpted stone pieces. These impressive works would look good indoors or in a garden.

As always there is an abundance of books and jewellery to choose from too.

There is a Gallery Night on the evening of Wednesday November 25th- our seventh birthday. There will be live music and a festive feeling in the air- Santa will be in the town with his reindeer too!

Click here to view the exhibition   GARDEN DELIGHTS
GARDENS are the colourful focus of the new exhibition at the Lander Gallery. The walls of the gallery are filled with colour and light to confirm that Spring really is here.

Roger Porter-Butler has been inspired by sunflowers in a friend’s garden; Barbara Karn shows two big watercolours of exotics at Trewidden; Tom Holland presents flowers from the Isles of Scilly, with some striking Agapanthus blooms. Richard Lannowe Hall regularly shows sweeping panoramas but for this show he has painted poppies, while Chris Edwards, who has previously painted the North Cornish coast, depicts the quiet beauty of a walled garden. Jo Armstrong captures carpets of spring flowers in thickly textured paint. Pam Slater’s garden swing is surrounded by cherry blossom, while Paul Nicholls has a Tresco cottage garden bathed in sunshine. Felix Packer’s stunning woodcuts have been so popular that they return now with trees full of songbirds.

New to the gallery are Julian Rowe, using Lanhydrock and Trevarno as settings for his figure paintings, and Rachel Henson, depicting flowers and gardens as abstract swirls of pearlescent paint which glitter and shimmer.

Penny MacBeth, an established artist, is new to the Lander Gallery. Her vivid canvases certainly catch the eye with their profusions of bright flowers.

It is also with great pleasure that the Lander shows the work of Mevagissey painter David Weston, whose large paintings of Red Admiral butterflies fill the gallery with colour. The Gallery is selling copies of David’s book called Red Admiral, illustrated with paintings undertaken whilst on a circumnavigation of Cornwall in small sailing dinghy.

Ceramics are a growing feature at the Lander gallery and we have invited Carol Scott to show a selection of her floral slipware for this exhibition. Falmouth artist Linda Styles presents a new collection of her colourful and expressive ceramic vessels, objects and tile wall hangings. Laura Lee paints vibrant retro designs on practical pots, while Jenni Philips looks to dandelions and wildflowers. Sue Thompson’s gentle floral pots contrast with her cheerful feline mugs and jugs.

We have plenty of jewellery and books of course.

Do come and enjoy the exhibition- perhaps you will find just the piece you are looking for.

Click here to view the exhibition   REFLECTIONS
You are invited to visit the Lander Gallery’s latest exhibition which takes us from the beaches of Cornwall to the rivers of France and the canals of Venice. All works are for sale and we do, of course, arrange to have work delivered across the world.

Caroline Atkinson shows two sunny beaches- one is at St Michael’s Mount. David Axtell has figures standing on rocks or sand, relishing the breeze. Roger Porter-Butler applies his opulent combination of gold leaf and watercolour to a powerful depiction of the Houses of Parliament.
Chris Edwards shows little boats on calm water. Richard Lannowe Hall’s work is rarely far from the sea; and this time he captures the shimmering light deep in the canals of Venice. Celia Jayne’s detailed pastels show the changing light at sunset, creating colours in the water that reflect the brilliance of the skies. Her DAYMER BAY is en grisaille, like a sharp black and white photo. Janet Judge’s vivid watercolour of a leaping salmon depicts the fleeting movement of creature and water. Pam Slater has made skilful close observations in her paintings of shimmering reflections of swimmers in the sea, or reflections of a gold kimono in a shop window.

We have some more abstract work also. Martin Grimshaw’s large watercolours are inspired by sunshine, trees and water at La Vienne in France. Stuart Thorn’s bold semi abstract paintings also imply reflections of houses in a harbour on Scilly. New to the gallery is Victoria Smith whose works on paper employ subtle colours and lines suggesting images such as yachts in water.

The richly powerful paintings by Penny Macbeth show ceramic figures surrounded by flowers and reflected on a glass table.

We have ceramics by Michele Cowmeadow, Lynn Davey, Vicky Heard, Laura Lee, Sarah Perry, Jenni Phillips, Viv Robertson, Shelagh Spear, Louise Thompson, Hugh West, Sue Wallis, Katherine Winfrey.
Jewellery is by Amanda Crago, Deb Davidson, Joanna Gilbert, Sarah Lyons, Loretta Nielsen, Seashore Gems, Rebecca Smith, Caroline Stedman, Christine Warren.
Sculpture by Brad Dillon and Jean Paul Kuhnzack- Richards.
Exhibition lasts until June 5th

Click here to view the exhibition   MY FAVOURITE PLACE
MY FAVOURITE PLACE is a theme which has captured the imagination of the artists.
For Caroline Atkinson, it is the long sandy beaches of West Penwith and Scilly.
For Brian Busselle, it is the trees and hinterland of Cornwall that inspire his paintings; for instance, there is a particular clump of trees on the border between Devon and Cornwall which always reminds Brian that he is nearly home.
One of Liz Cleves’ favourite places is St. Michael’s Mount - she transforms it into a mystical place which looks like something from a fairytale.
Richard Lannowe Hall’s favourite place is anywhere on the coast of Cornwall where his boat will take him. From the Isles of Scilly to Fowey, Falmouth to Mount’s Bay, he loves to paint the coastline from the water which gives him a unique viewing point.
Celia Jayne’s atmospheric pastels linger along the North Cornish coast, as do the oils of John Laver.
Gerry Hillman looks to his moorland home for some finely detailed landscapes- but also includes an unexpected seascape of the Sotuh China Sea.
Julian Rowe captures the atmosphere of the flowering shrubs, gardens and lawns of the Gardens of Cornwall in his paintings, and his particular favourites are the Gardens at Lanhydrock and Trelissick.
Pamela Slater prefers to paint the tranquil shores of the Truro river as it flows down to St. Clements.

The Lander Gallery regularly shows artists from the Lizard and in this show we have the two contrasting styles of Martin Grimshaw and Tony Shorthouse.
Martin paints in a semi abstract way capturing the mood and atmosphere through his bold and vibrant colours of the cliffs of Predannack Wollas beyond Mullion, whilst Tony Shorthouse visits the picturesque boat filled harbours of Porthleven and Cadgwith as well as St.Ives and Penzance.
There are new collections of ceramics by Linda Styles and Paula Downing as well wood turned bowls by Roger Slater.

Click here to view the exhibition   MIGUEL RUIZ
Miguel Ruiz, master of meticulous trompe l’oeuil, returns in the forthcoming STILL LIFE exhibition at the Lander Gallery in Truro. His astonishing images seem so uncannily real that the viewer is perplexed by devices such as apparently ripped canvas or folded paper. Pebbles, feathers and various found objects are placed in compositions where they acquire some intriguing intellectual dimension. A tiny droplet of water is a fascinating feature. Subjects such as TRUE MOON are charged with enigmatic significance, where planets and shells take on a symbolic depth. Such wonderfully painstaking work is a delight to the eye as well as a fascination- Miguel achieves an excellence that is rare.

Miguel is a perfectionist who studied art in his native Lima, Peru, and journeyed to Cornwall in 2003, settling in Helston. He has been a finalist in the NOT THE TURNER PRIZE, and has work in the Falmouth Art Gallery public collection. He is a regular at the Lander.
Currently in Peru, having shown at the Peruvian Embassy in New York, he sent the current pieces to the Lander Gallery’s STILL LIFE exhibition which runs from October 16th to November 13th. Other still life artists are shown also-- read on....

Click here to view the exhibition   CHRISTMAS EXHIBITION 2010 with CHRIS TATE
On November 25th 2002, the Lander Gallery first opened at 29 Lemon Street, Truro.

On November 25th 2003, the Lander opened in its new premises in the brand new Lemon Street Market with a big exhibition featuring the remarkable pictures of Christopher James Tate- who was then a student. Every November since then we have shown a new collection of architectural landscapes in inks by this artist, whose reputation has greatly increased while more and more people collect his work.

On November 25th 2010 Truro will be in Christmas mood as Santa and his reindeer tour the streets and the Lander Gallery will be eight years old.

This year Chris Tate has come up with some wonderfully characteristic pictures using the inks for which he is known. Frequently he concentrates on the architectural interest of individual buildings like the Mine Engine House, but in 2010 he also broadens his vision into more open vistas. Familiar coastal towns seen through his perspective become fresh and exciting in a wholly new way. Panoramas of St Ives, Fowey and Porthleven have never looked quite like this before!

The Lander Gallery is pleased to introduce several new artists to the gallery.
Jenny Shaw – Browne paints boats and landscapes around the coast with a fresh plein-air style. She shows in London with the Royal Society of Marine Artists.
Paul Hoare was a finalist on the TV’s WATERCOLOUR CHALLENGE and now exhibits at the Royal Watercolour Society. We have some of his watercolours at the gallery for the first time.
Fowey based painter, Gordon Hunt introduces his canvases which capture the shimmer and sparkle of the water as yachts and fishing boats cut through the waves off the coast of Cornwall.
The gentle winding paths along the creek sides of Coombe and Cowlands on the River Fal are represented in the oil paintings of local painter John Cadle.
The imaginary landscapes of Ken Walker in watercolour colour conjure up scenes from fairy stories.

Regular gallery artists include Caroline Atkinson, Jenny Butt, Liz Cleves, Chris Edwards, Richard Lannowe Hall, Rachel Hensen, Tom Holland, Celia Jayne, John Laver, Sans Robinson, Julian Rowe and David Stansfield.

The Lander also features pots and vases by a range of Cornish makers from Michele Cowmeadow’s soft blues and browns depicting hares, deer, fish frogs and mythical creatures; Sue Thompson’s mugs and vases decorated with cats, whilst pearlescent glazes with a touch of liquid gold are used in the distinctive vessels and tile pictures of Linda Styles. Ceramic sculpture of animals and figurines are the domain of Falmouth based maker Shelagh Spear and the Lander has always a large collection of this highly individual artist’s work.
We have Vicky Heard, Laura Lee, Sarah Perry, Jenny Phillips, Viv Robertson, Sue Wallis, Hugh West and Katherine Winfrey.

Jewellery includes
Amanda Crago unique beadwork jewellery,
Deborah Davidson - fabric brooches
Joanna G- one- off and distinctive silver necklaces and earrings
Julie Murdoch George’s 50’s retro rose patterned ceramic earrings and bracelets,
Loretta Nielsen- jewellery using an abundance of real gems and freshwater pearls.
Sarah Perry- porcelain brooches, earrings and cufflinks
Rebecca Smith –the silversmith from the Scillies
Seashore Gems presents a new range of multiple glass necklaces.
Nina Sheer, with her lovely silver and porcelain rings, bracelets earrings and necklaces which are new to the Lander.
Christine Warren: silver which is always popular.

There are wonderful things here, plenty of ideas for Christmas gifts, with prices starting at under ten pounds.

For Christmas Shopping we are open on Sundays 10- 4.30.

On Wednesday late Night Shopping Evenings we have some impressive Live Musical Entertainment booked too, generally starting around 7 pm. The Market on Late Night Shoppings is an ideal place to sit and enjoy live music over a relaxed drink.

November 24th TRURO COLLEGE MUSIC STUDENTS --following their success last year.

December 1st KERNOW VOICES -- the choral group based at the Hall for Cornwall

December 8th PLAYRITE THEATRE SCHOOL -- music from the West End as well as the Christmas repertoire (directed by Trevor Hitchings with musical director Alastair Taylor)

December 15th TRURO GUITAR ENSEMBLE -- more classical acoustic guitars than you might expect!

Click here to view the exhibition   CLAY WORKS
CLAY WORKS- China Clay is the focus of the current show at the Lander Gallery. You are invited to drop in and have a look.
This exhibition celebrates the landscape around the China Clay works of St. Austell with paintings by artists such as Alan Arthurs, Roy Billingham and Stuart Thorn.
Alan Arthurs uses bright enamel paints to create cheerful studies of the clay workings and the old harbour at his beloved Charlestown- as they used to be. Roy Billingham has a more modern documentary approach to the industrial heritage. Busy working places are celebrated with love. Stuart Thorn’s work is more abstract, reflecting the scale and impact man has had on ‘The Clay Country’.
Ceramicist Jenny Beavan makes stunning sculptural wall pieces in various media- including various minerals within china clay itself. Jenny has had first hand experience of the China Clay country having been Artist in Residence with Imerys.

We are showing ceramics from Joanna Beer, Michele Cowmeadow, Lynn Davey, Chris Hawkins, Vicky Heard, Sarah Perry, Jenni Philips, Viv Robertson, Shelagh Spear, Louise Thompson, Sue Thompson, Katherine Winfrey.

The Raku from Chris Hawkins is new to the gallery and makes a vivid impression, as do Joanna Beer’s deep brown, almost archaeological pots.

The gallery also has jewellery made from clay including porcelain brooches, necklaces and earrings by Julie Murdoch –George, Sarah Perry and Nina Sheer.
Our bright new jewellery cabinets contain tempting pieces by numerous other jewellers too.

At the other end of the gallery we have our first STUDIO SALE- a small number of artists have brought along some works which, for one reason or another, they are happy to sell at a considerably reduced rate. There are some genuine January Bargains here, original paintings for sale at prices as low as £48. These are not on the website but are well worth a look!

The exhibition continues until March 1st.


Click here to view the exhibition   PLACES ALONG THE FAL
The beautiful river Fal, which runs from Ruan Lanihorne to Falmouth and the sea, is the subject for this inspiring exhibition at the Lander Gallery in May.

For John Cadle the gentle tidal creeks of Cowlands, Coombe and Feock are the focus for his subtle and atmospheric paintings. John captures the unspoilt nature of these muddy but tranquil far reaches of the Fal. He also captures the landscape around the gardens at Trelissick.

Trelissick gardens also feature in the expressive work of Julian Rowe with his atmospheric paintings of birds flying through the flowering shrubs.

Jenny Shaw - Browne has painted places such as St. Just in Roseland with its romantic church, in her strong plein-air style, as well as the river Fal at the Malpas ferry, and the boat house at Pill Creek.

The Fal is a perfect place for gardens to thrive along its banks and the spring flowering colours of rhododendrons and azaleas as well as irises and peonies are depicted in the stunning watercolours by Avril Brooks.
Avril is, along side Margaret Tyrell, a first time exhibitor at the Lander Gallery.

Margaret Tyrell is a multi media artist who specialises on producing classical portrayals of the West Country in both oils and watercolours. With a natural eye for detail and perspective, she has won recognition for her traditional but emotive style. Her portrayals of children playing on the shore whether crabbing or climbing rocks are charming and evocative of the pleasure taken in such innocent diversions.

When the Fal reaches Falmouth and the Carrick Roads the view of Pendennis and St. Mawes castles are a highlight and appear in Richard Lannowe Hall’s impressionist paintings. Richard also makes the ships and tankers that are a regular sight in the harbour the theme in his paintings.

Where as Gordan Hunt looks for the contrast of a black sea bird silhouetted against sparkling water, or a yacht sailing out to sea against a sunset sky.

So whether a boat lover or a flower and gardens appreciator or you just want a reminder of a beautiful walk along a Cornish creek side - this is the show for you.

There is also a range of prints available by some of these artists and a selection of crafts including ceramics, wood turned bowls and hand made jewellery available.

Truro and Penwith College Foundation Degree Photography and Digital Imaging Students would be delighted if you would view their graduating exhibition entitled PUSH

Exhibition Continues until 18th June 2011
9am - 6pm

Click here to view the exhibition   DOWN BY THE SEA
DOWN BY THE SEA is the theme of the new exhibition on the contemporary side at the Lander Gallery. For the summer, the colours of the sea fill the gallery with warmth. Once again, we have a wonderful range of artists whose work is more affordable than you might expect. Showing here for the first time is Janet Treloar, Vice President of the Royal Watercolour Society. Her love of Cornwall shines through the paintings of Botallack and St Ives. Also new to us is Rachel Budinska, who shows beach scenes in acrylics. Simon Parris introduces us to startlingly effective digital interpretations of his original paintings. Gill Turner has previously shown surreal urban work, but this time her neatly observed coastal observations are more serene. Glorious sunshine bathes the Trelissick scenes by Michael Sanders. Maxine Hart’s landscapes have a more detached air. Jonathan Fuller uses sea glass to dramatic effect in his wall hung panels, which show well alongside mixed media wall sculptures of Jenny Beavan. Jane Ashdown brings delicate and subtle etchings.

Long Dog Silks display ties, hankies, wraps and wall hangings in the warm seaside colours of the Cornish summer at its best.

Regulars include Alan Arthurs, Caroline Atkinson, John Cadle, Liz Cleves, Lynn Davey, Richard Lannowe Hall, Ren Hathaway, Celia Jayne, John Laver, Paul Nicholls, Sans Robinson, Jenny Shaw-Browne and Stuart Thorn.

All this and jewellery, ceramics and books too- please do feel very welcome to call into the Lander and enjoy this exhibition.

UNTIL 3rd September

Over on the classics side we are now hanging our very own FESTIVAL OF SPEED- vintage original posters from the worlds of motor racing and the railways

Click here to view the exhibition   PAPER, SCISSORS, STONE
This year’s early Autumn exhibition at the Lander Gallery features works on the themes of Paper, Scissors and Stone. Scissors probably loses this game of luck as very little work is made using that particular tool but the combination of works on and using paper, stone carving and paintings of stone make for an exciting mix.

Stone carving is a slow and painstaking craft which few have the patience to master or the technical skill to conquer but Richard Holliday who has recently moved to Cornwall to set up his stone carving studio in Penryn, is exhibiting his one off reliefs and 3d stone sculptures for the first time in the Lander Gallery.
Richard has come from a stone mason background starting his career in Cambridge in 1980. During these early years he worked on major restorative projects on buildings such as Westminster Abbey Hatfield House and Ely Cathedral as well as a myriad of other ancient buildings and monuments.

His early training then progressed on to the more ornamental aspects which included the intricate detailing from the various styles of foliation to animals and statuary found hidden away in the alcoves, niches, and pediments from the gothic, to baroque.

Baz Mahew on the other hand looks to the tribal traditions of primitive cultures, including Inuit, Maori, African and Celtic for the inspiration for his carvings. The range of work can best be described as an interpretation of primitive images. Gods and goddesses, the Green Man, shaman type animals, hawk heads, fish, spirals, mostly in stone, bone and wood. Occasionally he includes semi precious stones or metals. He has produced small, and sometimes even miniature, pieces, reminiscent of Inuit carvings, tactile and with pleasing proportions.

Laura Frances Martin uses stones and pebbles she has collected from the Cornish beaches to make into art works which incorporate the pebbles on canvases. These works explore the action of the sea and its underlying sense of order, and show how one wild tide can completely re-grade a whole beach of stones. The use of natural materials including found slate & copper on canvas or cloth helps to express this sense of place.

Artists have used paper in a myriad of ways for centuries and in the exhibition we touch on just a few. Using various qualities of paper to print on is one use that artists such as Felix Packer and new exhibiting artist Laura Weston have developed. Laura prints on a variety of papers including one made from banana leaves.
Maureen Kennedy and David Greenhalgh on the other hand, tear up paper and use it to create collaged images. Maureen uses a combination of paint and paper to create constructed collage landscapes. David Greenhalgh creates his collaged pictures using torn up magazines rather than paint. The printed papers are superimposed one on top of the other to create a mosaic effect.

Anthony Crosby has been working with a particular technique of stretching and gluing paper over canes to make sculptures for giant lanterns used as part of the City of Lights Project for many years. The Lander Gallery has always been proud to support this great event which involves other artists and many schools and collages across Cornwall. On this occasion Anthony has made some more domestic scale paper sculptures for this special exhibition.

Watercolour painting is dominated by the quality of the paper and the artist’s ability to make use of its white colour to create light in the painting, or to use its characteristic of absorbing layers of colour to create a translucent effect.
Janet Judge, knows just how to work the paper she uses to create her powerful watercolour images whether it is rocks by the sea or fish on a plate.
Janet Treloar as Vice President of the Royal Watercolour Society, has a power and confidence in her painting and has included some paintings of the rocks below her house in West Cornwall.

But for most artists, the most frequent use of paper is to draw on and Jonathan Craig has been using watercolour paper to scratch into making scored sgraffito marks which then creates drawings from using materials such as pastel, graphite and charcoal. He combines various techniques to create imagery that has echoes of carvings made in primitive cultures, pebbles found on the beach and imagined landscapes.

Click here to view the exhibition   CHRISTMAS AT THE LANDER FEATURING CHRIS TATE
This is the only chance in a year to acquire a Christopher Tate original painting at the Lander Gallery. Each year Chris produces a special collection of original pen and ink paintings which depict buildings and places seen with his unique vision for the Lander. This year he has also produced works using acrylic on canvas which are equally exciting. In both inks and acrylic paintings vibrant colour backgrounds are pulled together with a precise line that reconstructs buildings visually with each brick or railing drawn in detail.

Christopher’s paintings conjure up the magic of a building and this year Chris has focused on Cornish structures including old tin mines. No grey compositions are these, but brightly coloured images are on show made up of oranges, greens and blues. These colours are used to denote ageing brick work and pointing that has stood the test of time despite lack of use.

From South Crofty mine buildings painted in oranges and ochres to Wheal Uni in Redruth silhouetted against a pink sky, from Falmouth harbour to St. Anthony’s lighthouse all these familiar Cornish landmarks are depicted in the unique style that is Chris Tate’s. So do come and take this opportunity to get your Chris Tate original – a true taste of Cornwall.

Our Christmas jewellery showcase this year features work by Maxine Symons who specialises in freshwater pearl jewellery; Rebecca Smith’s unique silver and semi precious stone pieces include rings, bangles, necklaces and bracelets in her one off designs from the Isles of Scilly. New to the gallery is contemporary jeweller Lily Faith who uses resin, and wood which is printed on combined with silver to make designer pieces. The sea glass of Sea Shore Gems is available in a wide range from multi-glass pieces combined with beads to make elaborate necklaces to single drop earrings and bracelets. Sarah Perry is showing a wide range of brooches, earrings and cufflinks in porcelain and Julie Murdoch-George has her clean designed ceramic jugs and vases on display along side her earrings and pendants all made from fired clay with highly decorative patterns.

No Christmas show would be complete with out snow scenes and we have several on offer by Jenny Shaw Browne of West Penwith landscapes and winter wildlife scenes by Julian Rowe. Cornish seascapes by Robert Wilde and landscapes by Brian Busselle also feature.

In addition the Gallery has works from further a field; Sue Haseman recently went on a trip with her daughter to Sri Lanka and her stunning watercolours of everything from elephants to fishermen bringing in the catch capture the heat and colourful scenery of that far off land.

Roger Porter- Butler in his watercolours offers up pictures of Venice -the City of Romance as well as beautiful flowers in Spring embellished with gold leaf.

The gallery has a wide selection of ceramics on display. New to the gallery this Christmas are Eleanor Newell from Lamorna who produces lustred rakuware and Jessica Ball who makes gold lustred patterned jugs and mugs which sparkle and shine. Alongside these makers we have regular exhibitors such as Linda Styles and Chris Hawkins, Vicky Heard and Sarah Perry.

We also have glassware by Noreen Todd and sculptures of twisted Cornish trees by Mitchell House as well as a wide range of wood turned objects from pens to Monkey Puzzle bowls by Anthony Lyndon Rice,

So come and look for gifts at the Lander Gallery for Christmas or just treat yourself.

On the Classics side there is Railway Art alongside Stanhope Forbes and Chevallier Tayler from Newlyn, a stunning Louise August Sargent of the coast near St Ives, as well as pieces by Joan Gillchrest, Tony Giles and other Cornish gems. A harbourside watercolour by Thomas Hemy- brother of Charles Napier- is attracting attention today.

When you are doing your Christmas Shopping, you will be very welcome at the Lander Gallery.

The Lander Gallery is open Monday to Saturday 9 – 6.00pm and for Late night shopping 6 – 9pm from Wednesday 23rd November - Wednesday 21st December.

Click here to view the exhibition   CLAY COUNTRY and STUDIO SALE


CLAY COUNTRY is the title of the New Year exhibition at the Lander Gallery.
The unique landscape of the clay district has a unique character which is celebrated here by three contrasting artists: Alan Arthurs, Stuart Thorn, and Jenny Beavan.

Stuart’s lean semi- abstract works have a quiet serenity about them. He has been relishing the area for many years and says:
” My paintings, in fast drying oil, reflect the scale and impact man has had on this area and on the ancient villages that make up THE CLAY COUNTRY”.

Ceramicist Jenny Beavan returns with more of her three dimensional wall hanging pieces constructed from the china clay itself. Jenny has had first hand experience of the China Clay country having been Artist in Residence with Imerys.
Jenny says “My work in this exhibition is an exploration, from the perspective of a ceramic artist, into the nature of ‘water’ as observed within the china clay industry.”

Alan Arthurs concentrates on both the industrial present and the past of the area around Charlestown. Painting in enamels on perspex, he once again brings an uplifting sense of enthusiasm for the details of life in the china clay industry.

Clay is well represented in pots of various types by our regular popular ceramicists including; Jessica Ball, Michele Cowmeadow, Lyn Davey, Chris Hawkins, Vicky Heard, Gordon and Heather Hunt, Laura Lee, Eleanor Newell, Sarah Perry, Viv Robertson, Shelagh Spear, Linda Styles, Louise Thompson and Sue Thompson.


THE STUDIO SALE features selected work by a small number of artists who are clearing their studios for the New Year and are happy to part with some of their pieces at significantly reduced prices.
Here is a chance to purchase original art in good display condition from prices as low as £40. This is one of those rare chances- when they are gone, they are gone!!

Already there are some gaps on the wall.

These will probably not make it to the website but you might enjoy a quick browse among the treasures of the STUDIO SALE.

MAKING TRACKS is the 2012 Schools exhibition. A huge undertaking, involving students from all the schools in Truro, this is well worth a visit.

Click here to view the exhibition   PATTERNS IN NATURE
The Lander Gallery has been redecorated throughout- the colour is appropriately called CORNISH CLAY. All is freshness and light; Lander Classics has exchanged sides with Lander Today and there is a refreshing newness in the air.
PATTERNS IN NATURE is the theme on the modern side. Caroline Atkinson, Richard Lannowe Hall, Gordon Hunt, Celia Jayne and John Laver have turned their attention to patterns in rocks, sand, trees and the world in general. Kevin Cooper’s framed prints arrange pictures into patterns.
The art of weaving is based on pattern and the Lander welcomes the imaginative woven pieces by Debbie Rudolph. Her scarves, bags and purses combine modern style with traditional patterns.
Silk also lends itself to patterns and we have exquisitely decorated scarves and wraps by Claire Armitage.
The jewellery and ceramics have all moved too- Lynda Styles shows some colourful wall hanging plaques.
On the CLASSICS side there are the impressive portraits of the first and second Thomas Carlyon of Tregrehan at St Austell. These historically important portraits have been brought back to Cornwall by the Lander Gallery, having stayed in the Carlyon family but out of the county for many years. Our own research has discovered that the earlier of the two portraits dates from about 1680 and is by John Riley- who painted Charles ll and James ll and was Court Painter to William and Mary. This is an exceptionally fine portrait in impressive condition. Here is a rare chance to acquire two significant paintings from Cornish history.
You will be very welcome if you call at the Lander.
Some of the works are on our website
You might like to follow our blog-
If you enjoy Twitter you can even follow @vivhendra

Click here to view the exhibition   ELEMENTS: EARTH, AIR, FIRE, WATER
Jeremy Capper’s four wooden pieces bear symbols of the four Elements- and by a fitting coincidence they are made from a piece of Ash given to the artist some years ago by none other than Sandra Perry our own catering manager!
AIR- a fresh breeze is almost tangible in the Cornish watercolour landscapes of Janet Treloar. Until recently Vice President of the Royal Watercolour Society, Janet has lifelong associations with the Penwith scenes she vividly depicts. Stronger winds bend the metal tree sculptures of Mitchell House. In Ann Plummer’s oils it is the air above Falmouth that glows in sunset and cloud.
WATER- the sea is never more than a few miles away in Cornwall and here some stunning seascapes ishow Jenny Shaw- Browne’s plein air energy, John Laver’s tranquil North Cornwall sunsets and Celia Jayne’s accomplished pastels. Richard Lannowe Hall evokes the great depth of the oceans in his oils- some of which are painted aboard his boat. Julian Rowe’s vertiginous cliffs and turbulent seas glow in the sunshine while Caroline Atkinson’s style changes subtly where the edge of the tide turns feathery white on the sand .
FIRE: Jeremy Capper’s distinctive wood sculptures derive their blackened textured surface from being set on fire as part of their creative process.
EARTH: Enjoy the landscapes by Paul Nicholls, Gordon Hunt and, as a newcomer, own barista Sam Hebburn- whose vigorous impasto acrylics of Truro and Falmouth are done without brushes.
Clay is used very strikingly by Audrey Jackson, who shows highly original sculptural pieces involving birds - one is suitable for a garden fountain. Gordon and Heather Hunt’s pottery pieces look as though they are made from solid earth. We have new raku from Chris Hawkins and a lovely bantam from Lynn Davey!
Lander newcomers this exhibition also include Andrea Hall and Sally Jones- do come and look at their work.
Over on the Classics side there is the best Douglas Pindar watercolour we have seen- showing the sea at Newquay- and Kurt Lachmann’s striking poster design for the 1936 Olympics.

The 2nd year Foundation Degree Photography and Digital Imaging students from Truro College are exhibiting at the Lander Gallery in Truro. This is their “end of course” exhibition entitled and it will showcase the best of their final college project.

The genres of work covered include fashion, landscape, portraiture, documentary, fine art and still life.

Click here to view the exhibition   OLD CORNWALL
Old Cornwall exhibition
Until 21 July
At the Lander Gallery, Lemon Street Market, Truro TR1 2PN` tel 01872 275578
Old Cornwall is a celebration of all that is unspoiled about Cornwall and forms part of our heritage both in its architecture and its landscape from Neolithic stones and henges to monuments of the mining industry, stately homes, landmarks , harbours and streets.
The exhibition features Cornwall based artists who are associated with a particular area of Cornwall such as Alan Arthurs and his wonderful nostalgic paintings in enamel on perspex of Charlestown and the Chine clay industry as it once was.
Jenny Shaw – Browne has made the focus for her work the ancient stone henges on the moors and mines around West Penwith including Ding Dong Mine, Trencrom Mine, Mulfra Quoit, Men –An – Tol as well as various harbour scenes around Newlyn and Penzance.
Carline Atkinson has also turned her attention to the monoliths on Penwith Moor but approaches painting these strange stones in a different way to Jenny Shaw Browne using thick impasto paint created from layers of brush strokes and dribbles of paint.
New to the Lander Gallery is Truro based artist Lisa Paston, whose smooth, clean edged way of painting is reminiscent of Railway Poster art in the 1930s and Japanese block printing. She has caught the light on the water behind Geevor mine and the rich colours of the flora and fauna on the cliffs around Wheal Coates mine in her works on show here.
Another new addition to the Gallery in this exhibition is Newquay based artist Ian Fox, whose soft impressionist style is used to capture the old buildings of Truro including Coignage Hall and the Cathedral as well as nostalgic paintings of Newquay Railway station.
The nostalgic journey taken by train for many on the first tip to Cornwall is summed up in Catherine Stringer’s painting called ‘The Journey.’ Catherine, who is also showing her originals with the gallery for the first time, includes portraits of some of the Old Cornish men who can be seen in pubs drinking and telling tall tales.
Wadebridge artist, John Laver has captured the old boats languishing in the Camel estuary and the timeless sunsets that can be seen over the sands of Treyarnon bay.
Julian Rowe combines his love of nature and animals with the Cornish landmarks including swallows weaving in and out of the gates of Trerice house and sheep scratching their backs against the standing stones of Duloe.
Gerry Hillman’s always paints every nuance of lights and shade reflected light and detail in his highly accomplished paintings. His painting of Wheal Jenkin on Caradon hill is no exception.
Also on show in the Lander Classics side of the gallery are many paintings of Old Cornwall and interesting items such as an original tin ingot and its carvedras mould carved in stone by Daubuz of Truro.
Come and enjoy the wealth of paintings at the Lander Gallery

Click here to view the exhibition   SPORT ON THE SHORE
28 July – 8 September


To coincide with this year’s Olympics in London, Lander Gallery artists have produced work relating to various sports and leisure activities seen in around the coastline of Cornwall.
Not only are Cornwall’s beaches and shorelines special places because of their stunning vistas, but they are a playground for the young and old, whether it is surfing the big waves, or building sandcastles, flying kites or just walking the dog. All of these activities are what make Cornwall’s beaches special and are depicted by various artists in this year’s summer show.
Newquay based artist Ian Fox has captured the more vigorous sport of gig racing with his portrait of the Newquay Gig about to get under way as well as surfers getting ready to go in the water.
Surfing is not surprisingly one of the most popular sports in Cornwall and features in the work of several artists in this show. None more so than Paul Nicholls, whose dynamic paintings feature surfers actually in the waves, his titles such as ‘Grip lip’ and ‘Barrelled’ reflecting the technical terminology of the sport.
After a hard day in the water, surfers walking across a huge expanse of beach on their way home are the settings for Richard Lannowe- Hall’s impressive colourful paintings. Kevin Cooper also uses the imagery of surfers collaged with tidal maps and other graphics to make his contemporary limited edition prints.
Gordon Hunt uses his unique pointillist style to capture the reflected light from the beach and silhouettes surfers against it. He also uses the same technique to portray families playing beach games such as cricket and football.
Dinghy sailing is another popular sport on the coast of Cornwall and Bodmin based artist Sally Jones has created some vivid paintings of sail boats racing and jockeying for position at the start of a race.
Caroline Atkinson’s paintings of Praa Sands and Mount’s Bay are still predominantly about the view but do feature the more leisurely activity of walking.
John Laver whose beachscapes are always popular at the Lander gallery has included on this occasion views of the North coast Harlyn, Tregirls and Trevone beaches with kite flying and sea fishing as the sporting activity.
But the beach, for children, is all about sport whether it is having a close encounter with a seagull or digging or building a sandcastle. Cathy Stringer’s paintings make all of these children’s activities the focus of her delightful paintings. Whether a Sport’s fan or not this show has something for everyone.

Click here to view the exhibition   CORNISH IMPRESSIONS
15 September – 10 November 2012

This Autumn the Lander Gallery has brought together an exhibition that highlights artists who have an Impressionist approach to painting. Here they depict the landscape and coastline of Cornwall and capture its wide variety of coves from Kynance to Trebarwith, of Moorlands from Bodmin to Carn Brae.
The exhibition features regular Lander Gallery artist Jenny Shaw- Browne who has produced some stunning paintings in oil of seashores on the Penwith coast including Pendeen, Perranuthnoe and St.Ives, all painted in her fresh painterly style.
Caroline Atkinson captures the shifting light on the water in Mounts Bay with her thick impasto technique of painting. She also creates textured paintings of the sand dunes and dune grass of Gwithian Sands.
Julian Rowe creates strong powerful images from a distance which are at the same time full of subtle details and joyful brushmarks up close. Whether it is chaffinches flying in front of buddleia or a cascade of summer roses, Julian’s paintings are full of light and warmth.
Gordon Hunt describes his travels this summer. Although this summer will be remembered for its rain, he still seemed to have found bright sunny days to get out and about. Using his pointillist style Gordon contrasts shadow and light and the colours that are created whether it is sunsets at end of the day in St. Ives or Fowey, or bathers on the beach or at the Lido.
The mixed media paintings of Joanna Commings also have an impressionist effect where she combines watercolour, pastel and acrylic on paper to create very atmospheric paintings of the North Cornish Coast and of Bodmin Moor.
Jennifer Lilley is also an atmospheric painter – using watercolour on prepared paper. Her soft, subtle painting creates fascinating surfaces to capture local scenes, especially around St. Ives.
Paul Nicholls paints in a colourful bold way and has caught the less obvious landscapes around Blackwater in his paintings for this show.
Janet Judge tackles watercolour with strong colours and sharp edged brushwork which allow her to capture the dramatic cliffs at Mullion. She uses acrylic as if it were watercolour on her large canvases to depict the sea mists around the coast.
Sean Hayden’s vivid impasto oils bring distinctive impressionistic vigour to familiar landscapes.
This show would not be complete without Richard Lannowe Hall’s dramatic paintings of the changing light on the water out at sea or on a deserted beach. Using mixed media on prepared boards and canvases, Richard’s painting style always creates a mood that is mysterious and intriguing.
Collectors will be pleased that there is new work from Celia Jayne and John Laver.
An attractive exhibition with many different styles and approaches to painting which all create powerful impressions of Cornwall.

Click here to view the exhibition   BEING THERE
This exhibition features works that encapsulate the wonderment we all feel in special places – of how great it is just to be there.
For Anne Plummer, being on the water and in particular the Fal River creates that feeling for her.
A keen sailor, she spends much of her time afloat and is often painting in and around the Roseland and the Carrick Roads. In 2011 a studio in Truro provided access to much needed space and offered the opportunity to tackle more ambitious works.
For this special exhibition Anne has produced several paintings of the Turnaware River which is on the Roseland side of the river Fal and was famous for being used a rehearsal for the D-D landings in 1945.
In her paintings, Anne has captured the calm and tranquillity that visitors feel now when arriving or travelling by boat to this beauty spot.

Gordon Hunt has also produced, in his unique style, paintings of places that create an atmosphere of excitement and exhilaration, such as in his painting The Exuberance of Youth, The Lizard. Gordon also reflects the fun to be had being there in places like cafés and streets, such as in his painting of the Café at the Eden Project.

Jenny Shaw - Browne, is most familiar painting her surroundings of West Penwith from St. Ives to St. Michael’s Mount, and the Moors in between, but for this show she is also including a large painting of Wistman’s Wood on Dartmoor. The wood is famous for its twisted stunted oaks that grow out of the lichen covered boulders and Jenny’s large colourful painting captures this richly textured landscape.

These are just three of the featured artists in this colourful exhibition full of awe inspiring places. Make sure you come along to be inspired.

Also At the Lander Gallery
STUDIO SALE from 19th January until all stock gone!
A selection of the Lander Gallery’s regular artists have made some major discount on their work including Jenny Shaw Browne, Julian Rowe, John Laver, Paul Hoare and Jennifer Lilly.

Click here to view the exhibition   IMPRESSED
This exhibition called IMPRESSED at the Lander Gallery refers to the art and crafts such as printmaking, ceramics and glass that involve impressing an image or a material with different objects or materials.
For instance one of the artists who inspired the title of the show Emma West makes ceramic tiles and pictures from impressing flower petals and seed heads from plants into clay and then glazing the impression in subtle blues and greens . She also makes embroidered pictures of birds and landscapes and impresses them into the clay, colours them and fires them into clay pictures.
Another artist who inspired the theme of this show is Vicky Heard. Her bowls and vessels in dark blues and aqua greens are created by impressing different objects such as lace, leaves and petals into the clay which is shaped round a mould and then given a smooth glaze on the inside to contrast with the richly texture surface on the outside.
The exhibition also includes work by other ceramicists who use texture and impress things into the surface before firing such as Jenny Beavan with her China clay and mixed media hangings, Linda Styles with her bright colour slab pots and boxes and Jessica Ball who creates patterned relief surfaced clay mugs and jugs using heart, flower and leaf shapes.
The exhibition also features the craft of printmaking including lino cuts by Laura Weston and Richard Lee Stevenson who gouge pictures from the lino and the paper is impressed on the inked up surface to create bold modern imagery. Isobel Ellis makes multi coloured lino cuts – using the reduction or elimination process. Her bold colourful images include various views of nature from snowdrops to sunsets by the sea. It requires great skill and concentration to line up each colour correctly to make such seamless images.
John Howard and David Morris use the more traditional method of etching, using a metal plate to etch into with a sharp tool, which is bitten into by placing the plate in acid bath, the paper is also impressed into the inked surface of the plate to produce a mirror image of the picture they have drawn on the plate.
Natalie Wright also makes her glass by impressing it into moulds before firing it to create wall plaques, and curved shapes for her different coloured lamps as well as multi-shaped glass dishes.
We hope you will come along and see this Impressive show !

Until 6th June

There are many different aspects of Cornish Nature whether it is the birds and animals we can see on the shoreline or in the hedgerows , the wonderful array of flowers- particularly the Spring blooms of bluebells, Magnolia trees and rhododendrons - or the sheer variety of landscapes from moorlands to woodland walks, coastline to river estuaries.
The show has paintings and ceramic sculptures of the distinctive bird the chough – there are also paintings of the oyster catcher and black back gulls wading on the shoreline along with many other different species of bird.
One of the main artists depicting the bird life in this exhibition is Ian Griffiths, wildlife painter who is based on the Lizard and was BBC wildlife artist of the year in 2011, and was runner up for ‘Animals in their environment’ in the same competition in 2012. From highly detailed paintings to his on the spot pen and ink/watercolour sketches done from life, this is a rare opportunity to see Ian’s work in Cornwall as he mainly exhibits elsewhere.
Another artists who has painted bird life specially for this show is Chris Edwards - her highly textured paintings of oyster catchers wading in rock pools almost smell of the sea.
Sculptor and photographer Lynn Davey has recreated in great detail the colours and stance of both domestic and wild creatures in her sculptures and colour photographs.
Regular Lander gallery exhibitor Jenny Shaw Browne as well as views of her local West Penwith landscapes is showing several paintings from the Isles of Scilly including a Wild Flower meadow on St. Mary’s.
New to the gallery for this exhibition is Jill Goodman who is based in Bodmin and has caught the wild beauty of the moors in her expressive paintings of the boulders and heath.
Jennifer Lilley with her delicate watercolour technique has captured the fragile blooms of spring including the magnolia and quince blossom.
There are favourite walks depicted in some of the paintings in this show such as the pathways around the grounds of Trelissick gardens by Tim Opie and regular Lander gallery artists John Laver and Celia Jayne present paintings of the views and walks that are local to them in Padstow and Wadebridge.
Local painter Alan Arthurs has turned his unique talent to painting under water coastal life in his special technique of enamel on perspex.
This exhibition includes a rich variety of birds, animals, flowers, trees and landscapes inspired by Cornwall’s amazing nature.


Click here to view the exhibition   MY CORNWALL: AN ARTIST'S VIEW
UNTIL 22 JULY 2013
This exhibition is curated by Catherine Wallace, who writes:

It is with great pleasure and real excitement that the Lander Gallery is able to feature the work of the celebrated Falmouth artists John Dyer and Joanne Short in their next Cornish contemporary art exhibition called ‘My Cornwall: An Artist’s View’ which IS NOW OPEN.
For this exhibition we asked artists to pick places in Cornwall that are special to them. For Joanne and John who are husband and wife , one of John’s places that is inspirational for him is Castle Beach in Falmouth because it reminds him of his wedding day which was one of the most special days of his life. His painting ‘Summer celebration Castle beach’ shows a young couple in their wedding clothes on the beach. John says, because he lives near this particular beach, “ most weekends I get to see young couple embarking on their lifelong journey as newly- weds. Every Sunday the sky is filled with fireworks, love and energy... For me this painting symbolises life’s rich journey.”
Another place that John has picked to capture in paint , amongst his pictures he has made especially for this show, which has memories for him is called ‘ Relaxing on the River Helford’. He says “ This painting sets out to capture the best of life on the river in Cornwall. As a child I spent many, many days exploring the landscape of Cornwall with camera and drawing book, butterfly net and paints. The shallow calm water in the river Helford and the almost iconic triangular boat house transport me back to the lighter days of childhood fun, long summers and happy colours.”
Joanne Short has chosen to paint, amongst her pictures for the show, the view through a window at Portloe. She loves the view with boats that nestle in the tiny harbour and along with the flowers in summer they bring the place alive. She says, “ I have happy memories of painting here with John Dyer my husband and spending many a happy hour picnicking and enjoying the beautiful views.”
Another painting by Joanne in the show features Truro Cathedral called ‘Looking through the Daffodils, Truro.’ Joanne says, “ I love to paint he Cathedral and am particularly proud this year as one of my Cathedral paintings has been acquired by Truro City Council and also features on the Truro city guide for 2013. I also get to play my clarinet in the cathedral once a year too!”.
Both John’s and Joanne’s colourful bright sunny paintings reflect scenes of Cornwall at its best seen in the sunshine.
Other artists in the exhibition include John Cadle whose tranquil scenes of the boats on the river inlets around Truro at different times of day create a peaceful atmosphere.
A new artist to the Lander who also paints river scenes near Trelissick for this exhibition is Carola Colley. Carola has just moved to Cornwall from the Isle of Man but is already being inspired by the rich variety of landscapes and seascapes in Cornwall to paint. Her mosaic like technique that she uses to recreate patterns in the water or the structure of a tree is fascinating and the resulting painting still evoke quintessential Cornwall.
It is also with great pleasure that the Lander gallery is able to show the work of Porthleven artist Heather Howe whose evocative paintings of pathways to the sea are timeless.

Click here to view the exhibition   AUTUMN COLOURS
An exhibition of flowers, fruit and landscapes of Cornwall
All painted in the colours and textures of Autumn

Now that the days are getting shorter and the nights are colder, the fruit on the apple and quince trees is ripening and the trees are changing from green to brown, it is time to reflect on the fantastic summer we have had here in Cornwall.
After such a long hot summer, Autumn can create a myriad of colours in nature from reds to deep oranges and dark browns, purples and lilacs all of which are captured in paint by the artists in the Lander Gallery’s exhibition called Autumn Colours.
One of the flowers that lingers in Autumn and always transforms itself into a completely different state is the sunflower. Bridgit Sweeney has made a giant variety of this majestic flower her particular study and this exhibition features six of her Russian Giant sunflower paintings which she has painted on a surface that includes the earth they grew in. Russian sunflowers can grow up to 12 feet tall and as Bridgit says “ they provide colour in their youth, grace in their maturity and food for the birds in their old age.”
Bridgit’s unusual surface textured paintings are not the only works that break away from traditional painting techniques in this show. Leonardo Santolamazza has been experimenting with cutting into and collaging corrugated cardboard and adhering it to canvas before painting his semi-abstract complex compositions over the surface. With his eye for detail Leonardo has simplified the complex patterns of trees and boat masts, buildings and reflections to create a series of collages based around the Truro river.
The exhibition also reflects the Autumn colours in the Cornish landscape including the expressive mixed media paintings by Joanna Commings of Polzeath beach and Golitha Falls near, Bodmin. Caroline Atkinson has caught the colour contrast of the golden bracken on the cliff tops at Hell’s Mouth and the bright azure blue of the afternoon light on the sea below in her imaginative oil paintings.
Jenny Shaw-Browne who usually exhibits her oil paintings at the Lander has also produced some stunning watercolours for this special exhibition, with views of the cliffs looking over Zennor in West Penwith.
Gordon Hunt’s unique pointillist paintings of sunset on the water or early morning at Fowey feature glorious bursts of Autumn colours including purples, mauves and oranges. His paintings focus on the sailing boats in the harbour, couples going for romantic walks in the autumn woods and cormorants drying their wings in the afternoon sun.
Carola Colley also features some of the wildlife of the Autumn countryside in her paintings including foxes and buzzards.
To keep you warm as the air gets colder Debbie Rudolph has made some beautiful hand woven and felted autumnal scarves as well as woven throws and cushions.
So come and soak up the colours and textures of this great display of Autumnal art and craft.

  JOURNEY! Combined Truro Schools Arts Event
Once again all the schools in the Truro area combine over the course of several months to produce an inspiring exhibtion.
JOURNEY is the theme.
Year 9 students from ALL the schools have attended mixed art workshops with professional specialists. There is no distinction between the schools and the standard is consistently very high.
Through a wide variety of techniques and methods, students have examined all sorts of journey related topics. The Lander Gallery is proud to host the exhibtion of what is believed to be the largest inclusive educational event in the country.
Come and enjoy- it ends on Saturday.

  JOURNEY! Combined Truro Schools Arts Event
Once again all the schools in the Truro area combine over the course of several months to produce an inspiring exhibtion.
JOURNEY is the theme.
Year 9 students from ALL the schools have attended mixed art workshops with professional specialists. There is no distinction between the schools and the standard is consistently very high.
Through a wide variety of techniques and methods, students have examined all sorts of journey related topics. The Lander Gallery is proud to host the exhibtion of what is believed to be the largest inclusive educational event in the country.
Come and enjoy- it ends on Saturday.

Click here to view the exhibition   DOWN ON THE FARM
A farmyard menagerie of Paintings, sculptures and prints by Cornwall based artists.
3rd – 31st May
For the month of May, the Lander gallery has put together a colourful collection of paintings, sculptures and prints reflecting the rich variety of farm life. Whether it is the cows, sheep, pigs and chickens that occupy the fields or the buildings or landscapes made up of fields and crops on farms this exhibition has a positively agricultural flavour.
This exhibition introduces some new artists to the Lander Gallery including Joanna Elks who is based at the Lost Gardens of Heligan. She has captured the animals and birds of the surrounding farmland with strong expressive brushwork to create lively impressionist paintings. Her pictures are full of movement and energy. Whether it is the geese gathering in the orchard, or the Dexter cows sheltering in a field on Lobb’s farm, Joanne has recorded life at Heligan in a unique way.
By contrast, there are the very detailed animal portraits by Cathy Stringer in the exhibition with her delicate portrayals in acrylics of jersey cows with their soft huge eyelashes , or the more formal portrait a cockerel suitable called Napoleon. Sue Copper has created miniature portraits in mixed media of Gloucestershire old spot pigs, welsummer cockerels and belted galloway heiffers.
These animals in paint are complimented by scaled down three dimensional sculptures in ceramics by Lynn Davey. Her rare breed animals are modelled and then fired clay. They are made in various sizes and hand finished in paints and velvets.
Julian Rowe has produced some impressive larger paintings of farmyard geese, and a charming painting of a little girl running with spring lambs in front of a magnolia tree in full blossom.
The landscapes of farms around Cornwall have been depicted by St. Ives based artist Jenny Shaw Browne with her views of the fields around Zennor. Whereas, John Laver has caught the atmosphere of the remoter farms on Bodmin Moor.
Barns and outbuildings which create such a romantic atmosphere in the landscape are captured in paint by watercolourists Paul Hoare and Archa Kate Robinson. There is a Spanish feel to the farmyard and the animals that occupy them courtesy of Margaret Merry with her group of fine watercolours.

Click here to view the exhibition   EBB AND FLOW

Coastal scenes around Cornwall- rivers and creeks, beaches and cliffs.

Click here to view the exhibition   DRAWING A CONCLUSION
Until Wednesday
Year Ten students from schools right across Truro and the Roseland contribute to an exhibition which results partly from a number of study days specially arranged to include the different establishments together. The emphasis is on drawing - and the standard is high.
Nothing is for sale- just come and see what our 14 year olds (ish) are doing these days. If you thought they don't do drawing any longer--- you will be surprised!
Finishes Wednesday morning

Click here to view the exhibition   SOUP- PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIITION
These photography courses always creat exhibitions of quality, with a variety of styles to catch our attention.
This yesr's show SOUP is showing now until Saturday.

Click here to view the exhibition   PAPER
Until 10th October

Click here to view the exhibition   2016 STUDIO SALE
2016 is off to a sizzling start as the Lander Gallery offers work by established gallery artists at prices reduced by something like 30%.
Now is a great time to build your own collection at prices which would not normally be manageable!

Click here to view the exhibition   2016 SPRING OPEN
The Lander Gallery’s SPRING OPEN SHOW has sprung open! It offers an amazing variety of work which is taking visitors by surprise. With the immense number of pieces- towards two hundred- there is plenty to attract attention and give an exciting sample of the current art scene in Cornwall.

The essential principle is that there is no set theme and no selection process, so every single piece of work submitted has been displayed. Not one single person has been turned away- as long as they were in by the closing date. The effect is remarkable, as sweeps of colour lead down the gallery through landscapes, portraits, abstracts and much else besides. There are ceramics, sculptures, jewellery, glass panels, mixed media, etchings, drawings—it is a huge exhibition which, in the true spirit of an Open Show, welcomes everyone from professionals to novices, from some who exhibit regularly across the county to others who have never seen their work displayed in public before. People who like to spot the potential of new artists will find plenty to invest in here, at prices which, around £100 seem rather too low as yet. Those who prefer well known artists will find pieces at up to £5,000- truly something for everyone. To add to the experience, visitors are invited to vote for their favourite artwork- the wining artist will receive £100, while voters are entered for the prize of a meal for two at the Lander’s own Gallery Café.

The LANDER SPRING OPEN continues until April 16th.

Click here to view the exhibition   2016 WILD CORNWALL
WILD CORNWALL fills the gallery with flower dappled moorland, cliffs plunging down to the ocean, great open vistas and quite secret meadows.

There is a wonderful selection of characteristic works by familiar gallery artists.

Exhibition runs until June 5th

Click here to view the exhibition   LANDER AUTUMN OPEN SHOW 2016
With the return of

The Lander Open Show returns with a very impressive display of artworks.
As always with the Open Shows there is NO selection process and NO theme- so what we show is exactly what the artists bring in.
All are welcome and none has been turned away.
The standard of work continues to rise with each Open and this time there have been many enthusiastic comments on the quality.
There are some lovely things at very reasonable prices, so it is not surprising that sales are already looking good.
Come on in and vote for your Favourite piece- the winning artist will receive £100. All votes will go into a draw with the prize being lunch for two in the Gallery Café.

Visitors are taking their voting very seriously and are greatly enjoying the whole process!

Click here to view the exhibition   CAUTION- WET PAINT

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