Current Exhibitions
Click here to view the exhibition   POEMS PLAYS AND FAIRYTALES at PENLEE HOUSE
The current show at Penlee House features art which takes its inspiration from literature.
The Lander Gallery has loaned two of its Newlyn School favourites, by Albert Chevalier Tayler.
The Penlee exhibition is co-curated by Cath Wallace, who does so much for us here at the Lander Gallery.

Click here to view the exhibition   TONY GILES AND NANCY BAILEY
Nancy Bailey (1913- 2012) and Tony Giles (1925- 1994) were two artists who worked in Cornwall in the second half of the twentieth century. They were separated by only twelve years and they lived only a few miles away from one another near the north Cornwall coast, but their styles were very different.

Nancy Bailey’s paintings are richly evocative landscapes, showing popular beauty spots at their sunny best. Cornish villages and beaches glow in the summer sunshine, permanent and unaffected by modern development. She perfectly captures the essence of a place by careful use of colours that always seem exactly right. Boats resting in a tranquil estuary, cottages covered with flowers, a tranquil corner of the Scillies- each of her paintings has a timeless peace. On her television programmes Nancy demonstrated how to paint with the use of the palette knife rather than brushes. Thick layers of paint make the sunlight shimmer on the ocean.
We have sixteen of her works in the current show.

Tony Giles had a very different approach. His compositions can be from the imagination and his colours from the soul. Popular harbours like Porthleven or Polperro combust into new colours or perspectives. Features of the landscape can be moved to suit the picture. His father was an engine driver and Giles never lost his love of the GWR which found shape in the model railway in his garden as well as in some striking paintings. Steam engines are here, but also diesels zooming through fields of corn and under old bridges. Truro Cathedral is clouded with stream from the viaduct. The sea, tin mines, railways, fishing boats- the same themes occur over again in the eighteen paintings currently on display.
All the paintings are for sale and may be removed on purchase. You are invited to visit the Lander and see for yourself why so many people collect the work of these two contrasting artists.

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